Backing Up a DVD When You Own Only a VHS copy... Is This Legal?

Is it legal in the United States to back up a DVD (movie content only) when you own only a legal copy of the same movie on VHS? It’s still the same movie, correct? Thought I’d ask. It seems to me like it is the same situation if someone downloads music that he or she already owns. Let me hear your thoughts. Please close and/or delete this thread if this is out of line.

No, it’s not. However, many people feel it OUGHT to be.

It really gets down to the definition of what you own when you buy a movie at the store:

The MPAA wants you to believe that you own a piece of plastic and several colorful pieces of paper which carries with them an extremely limited license to view their film under the circumstances and conditions of their choosing.

The LAW says that you own that copy of the movie and may do many things with it.

The DMCA - which is being challenged in many arenas since it flatly refutes earlier accepted laws regarding fair use and property - says that you can do lots of things with it… so long as those things don’t involve breaking any copy protection or talking about breaking any copy protection or THINKING about breaking any copy protection because GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY THINKING IS WHAT’S RUINING THIS ONCE GREAT NATION!

Now, the MPAA is spending lots and lots of money trying to convince the public that you don’t OWN a movie - just like Microsoft has spent lots and lots of money trying to convince the public that you don’t OWN an Operating System. Neither one of them is having much luck, because people don’t like renting things.

So SOME people feel morally justified in doing what you’ve suggested, saying “hey, if the MPAA says I don’t own the movie I just bought a license… then heck, I’ll ‘transfer’ my license haha!”

Such thinking is not legal, fallacious in several ways, and leads nowhere good. :frowning:

Bummer… For a second I thought I was clever.
Turns out clever is one of the 5 Stages of Drunkenness!
Thanks for the quick reply!

you can however back up that tape to dvd…:slight_smile: