Backing up a damaged DVD

Hi Guys,
I did see another post about this before, but I can’t find it. I’v got a DVD (Speed 2) with some bad scratches. I use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to back-up my other DVDs. Can I try a back-up it anyway? Also what setting sould I use in DVD Decrypter to try?

you can try using dvd decrypter (the default settings should be fine), but if the disc is truly damaged, the ability to copy might rest on how good your drive is at reading damaged discs (assuming the disc isn’t too damaged to be read by any drive). if you have a lite-on dvd drive (burner or not), i’d suggest using it to do the reading.

try slowing the read speed down to 4x with cdbremse
you’ll have a better chance reading the disc at a slower speed

you might also give ISO Buster a try it does a pretty decent job of recovering files from damaged CD’s and DVD’s.

You can command Decrypter to ignore read errors, allowing you to copy the disc anyway.

You have to go into the settings - Under the “I/O” tab, set “Software Read Error Retries” to “0” and check the “Ignore Read Errors” box. Then in the “Device” tab, check the “Set Hardware Read Error Retries” box & set it to “0”, below.

You’ll find these settings will enable the drive to proceed quite quickly through any read errors it encounters.