Backing up a backup

I tried a search but couldn’t find an answer to this question.

I have a backup and can’t find the original. I would like to make a backup of the backup. My question is do I have to run it through shrink again and take 1 to 2 hours or is there a quick way do just burn it without compression since it’s already compressed and on a 4.7 disc???

It’s a DVD5 so you burn it disc to disc if its a clean disc and has no scratches. Or you could use DVD Decrypter and make and ISO and then burn the ISO. :slight_smile:

Without any copy protection you can copy the dvd to your hard drive and burn with your favorite software, but myself I still use dvddecrypter to copy. Excellent program.

When I try to copy disc to disc in nero it says not enough space and kicks out my blank disc…

even if you use shrink again, it should NOT have to re-author the dvd or re-compress the movie, since it should already have the correct size for a blank dvd±r media…

btw: what nero-version are you using? have you enabled the feature to overburn dvd-media?

I think it’s nero 6.3 I got it for free…
How do i enable overburn and will that let me do this?

Ok i upgraded to nero and enabled overburn. Then i tried to copy disc. It said something like… “would u like to try overburn it may not work and it may damage your recorder.”
I canceled. I need to know if this will damage my burner, if so it’s not worth it!

I still dont know why it would need to overburn. I’m trying to copy from a 4.7 to a 4.7 should be same size…
sorry if this is stupid…

I did not get an answer from anybody so I tried to copy with overburn. It would only let me burn at 2 speed took like 40 min and got hung up at 97% burning. I had to reboot my pc. I checked the copy and it played (the begining i didn’t watch whole movie) I am not going to do that again it scared me i thought i ruined my burner.
Is there another burn program besides nero that would work? I can burn off the hard drive after shrink in 15 min at 4 speed. Why cant i simply copy in 15 min a backup!?!?!

2 of you mentioned making iso in decrypter, how long does that take? and how do you do it?

I have been using shrink for months with no problems and i just backup whole disc, i’ve never gotten to far into the program or used other programs until lately.

I really apreciate you guys who have tried to help me and thanks for future help!!!

To make ISO open DVD Decrypter and on the top Mode => ISO => Read, then pick your Destination. To burn ISO open DVD Decrypter and on the top Mode => ISO => Write pick your file (Source) then Destination (your burner).
Good luck.

Thanks PC Guy.

Still didnt work for me took too long and errored…

I downloaded a trial of alcohol 120 and tried with same result (not enough room on disc) it’s from the same spindle!!

I guess there is no quick way for me to copy disc to disc. It makes no sense to me.

If there is a setting in alcahol to try please let me know or else another program with free trial. If I get it to work I’ll buy the program.

I’m about to give up… :sad:

Hey all Happy Easter,
I backup all copies w/Record now. It’s simple and works every time.

Hmm… sounds like the other discs are slightly too small (maybe poor quality media).
I guess the only thing to do other than buy new discs is to set DVDShrink to like 4,200MB output, and then try burning, but quality would be poor due to lots of re-encoding.

Ben :slight_smile:

Is there a free trial version?

I went to and all I saw was purchase. I like to try and see if it works first.

I have backed up over 500 movies and less than 10 coasters using these discs. verbatim dvd-r 8x from sams club…