Backing up 360 games

So I just recently bought a Xbox 360 from a friend flashed with the most recent iXtreme firmware and he gave me a backup of Halo 3 as well. He downloads his games, and I’m sure that works great, but I myself would like to copy games simply because I have crappy internet. What I’m looking for is a firm answer to the question How? There seems to be waaaayyy too many programs and methods out there between imgburn, clonecd, hot swapping, kreon drives, ect, ect, ect… Does anyone have a [relatively] simple, preferably affordable, method that is proven? I’ve looked at other threads, tutorials, and websites I just can’t choose a method to dedicate my time to. Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh and here’s what I have -

Samsung SH-S203
Dynex DVD+R DL

No help with illegally-distributed copies here. Please read the rules and respect CD Freaks.

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