Backing up 360 game - doesn't write lead in

I have a 1620 bulk version (without the BenQ marking on the outside). I’ve backed up 3 of my games perfectly a few days ago and but today i’m having big problems. I’ve been using Dynex DVD+R DL’s and that’s what worked fine the other day. I went to BestBuy and picked up some more, they’re Dynex but not the exact same ones. The label looks different. I put it in the drive and go to burn the backup using Xbox Backup Creator and it doesn’t get past the “Reserving Track” stage. I have to use the emergency eject hole to get the disk out. There’s a very thin line on it but windows still reads them as being blank (i’ve gone through 4 so far). I tried using ImgBurn/DVD Decrypter, it can’t write the “Lead In”. I tried getting Verbatim, it writes the “Lead In” but freezes at about 50% (for both programs). The firmware is up to date (G7V9). So what is the problem?

not only backups but it won’t start burning anything. i just threw a bunch of files on there to burn as a data dvd and it still won’t start burning, i’m guessing it can’t get past the write lead-in part again. so the drive has to be messed up, huh?

it prolly died

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If the situation with your drive is fixed (repaired or replaced - if it is the drive), I suggest you only use Verbatim DL media. I believe you will find 100% agreement (or close to it) that this is the only brand to use when working with DL discs.