Backing up 2 sided DVD to one DVD-R

Howdy folks…

I have been slowly backing up my DVD collection for months using a combination of DVD Decrypter/DVD Shrink/Nero. Works great!!!

I am now down to my 2 sided DVDs. You know, the ones that you have to take out of the player and turn it over to watch the rest of the movie???

I have not been able to figure out how to work with these DVDs in DVD Shrink from my hard drive. Anyone have any info on what procedures I should use or what other programs I should use? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

the onlz idea i have got is to use something like nero recode to convert the dvds into mpeg4 video files (these retain subtitles and optional languages if you select them), then convert both films to mpeg-4, or if you like you could use something else like divx on anouther progream but mpeg4 is better. make each mpeg4 file about 2000mb and then quality will be very good (almost unoticable from the original dvd) and one you have riupped both dvd sides (this should take between 1-2 hours) use nero vision express to burn both files to dvd (if the dont fit try setting the quality down) then create your own menu useing the menu wivard that is very easy, preview using the on-screen remote thing to check it works and burn it, hope that helps, if not feel free to email me or ask again on the forum, good luck, ben :slight_smile:

You should need no compression at all to back up each side to a single DVD±R; I know of very few if any double sided and dual layer releases. If for some reason you want to back up both sides to a single DVD±R, you will need to compress and reauthor the content.

DVD2one can do the job using the join feature.Both sides to one disc.

it would be simpler for you to just burn each side seperately onto its own blank dvd

Thanks for the suggestions folks…much appreciated.

ok :slight_smile: