Backing Multiple DVDs into One

Im trying to backup 2 dvds and 1 episode (each dvd has 3) onto 1 disc. I could settle for just 2 dvds and make another but I want to learn. :slight_smile:

Im using the method of extracting the videos from the original DVDs then compiling them onto Nero Vision Express, then setting the video/quality setting to Super Long to fit all of it in and its working so far.

The DVDs are protected so Im using DVDFab Decrpytor at the moment to extract the files into .vob files which works for the first 2 discs. But the third DVD doesnt seem to split the files into episodes but rather 7 parts (3 are the intro stuff, then there is like 4 parts that are 75% of 1 episode). I cant have only 75% of an episode but I also dont have room/dont want 1.5 an episode.

Ive tried using DVD Decryptor to extract a .n2v (IIRC) file and a .ac3 which NVE doesnt accept-and i dont know what to do with. Ive tried DVD shrink but I cant seem to fit even 2 DVDs on it even after I take out extras/intros/reduce quality…I also have other problems using it so im avoiding it.

What other programs can I use to get this to work? Sorry if that is a lot to read, please ask if any other info/details is needed, thanks.

Enough guides on available.

Thanks for the link.