Backing an episodic DL disc onto 2 SL discs



Hi guys.

I’m wondering how should I backup my Dual Layer Family guy DVDs to 2 DVD5s. For example, if there are 7 ~1 GB eps on a Dual Layer disc, how would I put 4 on 1 DVD5 and the remaining 3 on another DVD5.

Do you guys know of any guides?

Any help would be very much appreciated!!!


  • Ma Jie


if you’re looking for free options, you can use tools like TitleSet Blanker or Vob Blanker to remove half the video from the dvd (so for this case, it would be half the episodes or so) to make it fit onto a dvd5, and then remove the other half of the video to make the rest fit onto another dvd5. some transcoders (like elby’s clonedvd) have modes/options to split the dvd for you.


Hi AZImmortal. Thanks for replying.

I was thinking of doing the following and was wondering what you thought:

I ripped the whole DVD using DVD Decrypter. Then I plan to “reauthor” a DVD in DVD Shrink and put only the four episodes on it. Then I’ll repeat that process with eps 5-7 and put them on another DVD5.


  • MJ


that’s how i do it…


that’s perfectly fine if you don’t mind losing the menus.


lol…very true. i hate menus and i tend to forget that many like to keep them.


Hmm. Why does it have to go thru decrypter first? I thought with shrink you could just pop in disk, tell it what parts of dvd you want, it would keep the fancy retail menus and then process it for burning. Have a drive coming in few days with mainly backing up my box sets in mind so this important topic to me, episodic dvd sets. I hate go back to old smartripper method of taking out each ep and using spruce up to author few on each disk.


I don’t always have the time to rip, shrink, re-encode, and burn all at one time. When I “aquire” a movie I rip it with decyptor and back it up at my leisure. I also tend to “aquire” movies in batches of 3… :wink:

edit: see this post for some other good reasons


Does this method generally work for anime as well? I noticed on first attempt at reauthoring BTAS disk one that I did not see options like subtitles, languages etc when I was adding each one. If those vobs carry over all subs and languagues that would so rule for anime since I dont do dubs.


Hi madara. What’s BTAS?

I have successfully backed up my purchased copy of Angel Sanctuary DVD with DVd Decrypter and Shrink, and it works fine. With Shrink, I just deselect the English audio and extras, and then make an ISO w/ Shrink.

It plays fine in my DVD player, and the subs can be turned off.


Ma Jie

P.S. Angel Sanctuary = 3 episode OAV.