Backin up ut2k4 play disc

mk, im a n00b to this sorta thing but my cd version of ut2k4 is starting to get scracthed so i was wondering how to make a backupā€¦ if theres a tutorials somewhere fro this sort of thing can someone direct me to it, i dont really know who to back it up at all so can someone please explain what i need to do in normal persons english :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks in advance

well, things can be easy - and in your case, they can be very easy:
just copy the disc with NERO or any other program without any special settings - of course, this backup will NOT run, but it does not have to, because you could just install the latest update for UT2K4 ( ) which removes the cd-/dvd-check from the gameā€¦

things can be easy, right? :wink:

Raz :smiley: