Background noise

I have some songs on my hard drive that were taken off of records. There is a hiss on some of them and that ever so present pop. What program can I use to get there noises out. I tried nero but it takes out some of the audio also. Maby I am doing it wrong. I dwnloaded Audacity. I haven’t tried that yet. Does anyone know if Audacity interferes with Nero? Any other suggestions.


In Nero Burning Rom select all tracks in the layout and right-click on the tracks and select properties>select the filters tab. If using Nero Express click on the properties button then select the filters tab.

You can try Audacity but the fact is that no matter what program you use you cannot remove the noise only and leave the audio intact. Some part of the music will be gone after the processing. The trick is to find the level at which the loss is not noticeable, so you need to experiment with the settings.