Background noise w/ccd4

I’ve tried copying 3 audio cd’s that are sans copy protection with the new audio cd settings in ccd4 and am getting background noise on the cd. it sounds like interference buzzing. i have an old burner and think that might be it but like i said, these are not copy protected cd’s and i have been successful with oter progs (nero, ezcd). I wanted an exact (or near exact) copy and figured ccd was ideal. help!

1.5g p4
sony crx-160e:confused:

use exact audio copy to copy your cd’s.

after it has extracted the wav track from your cd it shows how close it is to being 100 percent perfect in general with my drive i get 100 or 99.9 or so :slight_smile:

this is what everyone recommends to use for copying your cd’s etc… :slight_smile: