Background Noise on BD Disc



I just bought a Sony 350 and played the first HD Bluray “The dark Knight”, and heard tons of background noise cutting in and out. The Dialouge sounded ok, I had a .007 version, then today updated to v0.10,went into BD setup and noticed these settings…

The brackets are what’s enabled on…

AUDIO HDMI- [Auto] or 2 CH PCM
BD AUDIO SETTING - [Mix] or direct
AUDIO ATT.- [On] or Off
DOLBY DIGITAL - [Downmix PCM] or Dolby Digital
48/96Hz PCM - [48Hz/16 Bit] - or 96Hz/24 Bit
AUDIO DRC - [Auto], Standard,TV Mode,or Wide Range
DOWNMIX - Apply Dolby Surround or [Normal]

My Samsung750 TV has the SRSurround Off, still have to find the Dynamic Compression and the night mode and turn off as another poster suggested.And also the Digital NR is set to medium.

In the TV’s Source menu, before I only had two HDMI’s hooked up. One for the TV from the back into the Cablebox, and one from the side #4 HDMI, to the Blu Ray player, but now I have another source showing a HDMI BD Anynet.

Thank you all!


I wouldn’t suspect many of the audio options to have any affect. The TV only has stereo speakers and they aren’t very highly rated.