Backed up Star Wars 3 but which files go on DVD 1 and 2

So I have a delema.

The backup for Star Wars 3 was 2 DVDs but which is 8+ Gigs. But I don’t know which files go on DVD 1 and DVD 2.

I picked the first 4 or files and put them on the first DVD which came to under 4 gigs and received an error that there was a video compliance error. My expensive DVD does not read this dvd 1 and my cheap walmark dvd player does read it.

How can I burn this backup properly on to both DVD 1 and DVD 2 withouth breaking video compliance and having it work on my expensive DVD player?

I’m using Nero 6.?.?


What if the DVD was a dual layer how would you split the dual layer back up to fit on two DVDs?

I don’t think Shrink can do this, it will only allow you to compress the data to fit onto 1 DISC.

Anyone have any ideas?

Use CloneDVD2. Get the 21 day free trial here:

Read postings 12 - 16 here (note post 14 which has corrections to typos in post 12):

Above gives you a perfect two disk split.

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If you do only the main title in DvdShrink and leave out all the other stuff you can do it. I did it this way.

Yah, that would work, but he doesn’t want to compress and loose quality, or he wants to keep the extras, so he is asking for split help.

if you use reauthor mode in dvd shrink you can split it across 2 dvds (but you will not be able to retain menus)

a google search of “dvd shrink, split dvd” brought up this tutorial that may halp you if this is the program you’d like to use:

if you need to keep the menus and also split across 2 discs then clonedvd2 from is my recommendation. the trial version is fully functional.

Is it easy to put the movie on one disc and the extras on another? I’ve stripped extras off many times obviously and just left the movie. The extras I presume require you to leave menus in etc so would you just leave everything but the movie there? something tells me it can’t be that simple - it never is.