Backed up PS1 games on PS2

I got nostalgic recently and wanted to replay some of my venerable old PS1 games on my PS2 (got rid of the PS1 a long time ago,) but I don’t want to risk damaging them since they’re getting pretty old and sometimes hard to come by. I’m still a little wary of modding up my PS2 so I was wondering if it was possible to backup my PS1 games so they will play in my PS2 without modification or extra hardware. It’s preferable to using an emulator on my computer. But I’ve heard conflicting reports on these boards and others, and nothing definitive. Anything definitive for me? Thanks.

An original psx game will play fine on a ps2. If you want to play a back-up copy, a mod-chip or boot disc is required.

where can I get a boot disc?

Google swap magic v3 :slight_smile: or look on ebay