Backed up material lost forever?



P3 700 slow as mollasses in winter - decided to back up files using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe, to 2 CDRWs and then formatted C drive to start over.

Come to reload files only to find that the 2 CDs are full, but with no files on them (according to Explorer, My Computer etc) :confused:

I have managed to create 2 ISO files using the contents of both (blank?) CDs but I can get no further.

Is my info lost for all time or will my files be “in there somewhere”?

As many who post here for first time, I am very new to this and have tried to make sense of CDmage and ISOBUSTER to see if they could help but have failed miserably!

Any one out there can help…please!!!

(Sorry so long winded too)


My guess is that you have put the files on the cd using direct cd from easy cd creator.

If this is the case, then nothing is lost.

Just reinstall easy cd creator with direct cd and you will see the files on the cd again.

You can ONLY see the data with direct cd installed.


Thanks Snowie, but I already have re-installed Easy CD and all I seem to be able to do is to access “CD Information” from the “CD” tool bar, then it tells me I have :-
Session: 01
Track: 01
Mode: Mode2mix
Address: 000000
Length: 276160 (539.38MB)

I can right click this and create an ISO file (ISO) or All files (.*)

I have created an ISO file of each CD - but that’s when I get stuck.


I know you have reinstalled Easy CD but make sure directCD was installed also. It can then treat the CDR as a floppy disk. Easy CD creator cannot read the disks itself, it has to be DirectCD.


Thanks ctwiner, I think that’s what I did - accidentally!

I downloaded an upgrade and lo and behold, the files appeared, but only on the E drive (the CDRW drive).

Thanks for all your help.