Backed up DVD's won't play in panasonic RV32

Hey everyone,

I have been backing up DVD’s for a while but I have recently purchased a Sony DW-U18A which I flashed to a Liteon 832 so I could burn DVD 9’s.
But until the media is cheaper I’m still using single layer disks.

The problem I’m having is that the disks burn O.K. but when I put them in my panasonic RV32 player it reads to three dots and eventually says that the disk is unplayable.

Do I have the wrong settings for my software Nero or DVD decryptor? :confused:

I read up on your play, and it get pretty good reviews in general, and seems to accept dvd +/-r just fine.

Have tried burning a slower recording speed?


I flashed the drive again to lite-on 832S and reduced the burning speed to 2x. This seems to have worked, although there is the odd jump in the movie. I think I’ll just burn at 1x or 2x from now on, but it seems a bit of a pain when the drive can burn at 8x. The disks I am using are princo 4x dvd-r. Is the burning speed a common problem or is it more relevant to the DVD player or drive?

Thanks for your help :smiley:


stay away from princos!!!

as vdk au implied, media can make a huge difference, and some set top players are real picky. With lower quality media, burning at lower speeds can often do the trick.

I had some MMC 4x -r dvd blanks that I couldn’t get a good back-up on to save my life. none were coasters, but regardless of burn speed, they’d skip…freeze…pixilate, but all would play fine on the pc. Switched to +r, the problem went away.

Try and get your hands on some TY or Ritek blanks, and I think you’ll find your problem goes away even at higher burn speeds…:slight_smile:

Good Luck

Pick up some Ridata dvd+r’s (media code Ricohjpn) from Newegg. Then use the omnipatcher and check autobitsetting to dvd-rom. My 451@832 loves this media. I burn my backups at 8x on this 4x media all the time with no problems.

Princo DVDs are known to be low-quality media. As ZigZagMan said, they should be burnt at low speeds to improve quality. However, these disks are known to have a worse durability than the others, so I recommend you to try some other media (Verbatim, Ricoh, Taiyo Yuden…). Also setting them to DVD-ROM (if you use DVD+R) can improve compatibility by 10-20%.

I have had very bad luck with DVD-R & Nero with my Sony. Sony drives seem to prefer +R media, they are +R drives with -R support.

Hi confused newbie here,

I have also been having problems playing my backed up DVD’s in my stand alone panasonic RV32. I have been backing up onto Verbatim DVD+R’s using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink 3.2. I have tried to copy at a slower speed based on a suggestion from this site but no results.

Please help!!! Thanks!!!
Confused Newbie

verbatim is the label on the blank…get your hands on the freeware tool dvd-info to find out who actually made the blank and sold them to verbatim…

there are only a handful of companies making blanks…+ or - r’s and rw’s. Some…frankly are crap when it come to dvd playback. Some have a really good reputation, you particular burner can have alot to do with this too.

TY and Ritek have pretty good reps around here for blanks…some others as well, As far as burners go…many of us or die hard fans of NEC, Liteon, and Plextor fans. Alot of different opinions here on this, but we talk about what works for us…:slight_smile:

Clear as mud? :slight_smile:

i have a panasonic RV32. i use my NEC 2510 (HV25b) with DVD+R RICOHJPNR01 burned @ 8X with Anydvd & Clonedvd2 and work fine.

I downloaded dvdinfo and ran it on one of my blank disks, but I don’t know what the results mean. Here they are let me know what you think. Thanks!!!

Media Information
Region information N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID MCC 002
Media Product Revision Number 00h
Format Capacity Blank Disc
Free Blocks 405405696
Free Capacity 4.38GB(4.70GB)
Book Type DVD+R
Media Type DVD+R
Manufacturer Rated Speed 4.0x 5540KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 4.0x 5540KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 2.4x 3324KBps
Data area starting sector 30000h
Linear Density 0.267um/bit
Track Density 0.74um/track
Number of Layers 1

                       Complete Media Code                           

00000000 08 02 00 00 A1 0F 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3F …&.?
00000010 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 4D 43 43 00 00 00 00 00 30 …MCC…0
00000020 30 32 00 38 23 54 37 13 02 4A 71 02 90 66 16 16 02.8#T7…Jq…f…
00000030 0B 0B 0A 0A 01 1C 1E 0B 0C 12 12 01 00 00 00 00 …

I also took a look at my drive and in the properties it says that the drive is a “HL-DT-STDVD+RW GCA-4040N” and I don’t know what this means either except that it is a plus drive and that I have to get the dvd+r’s.

The main thing to look at is the media code/ manufacturer ID. MCC is Mitsubishi Chemical Company which is 1st class media. Who makes your dvdrw? Sounds like maybe a compatability problem w/ your set top player. Maybe you can use a bitsetting tool to booktype your media to dvd-rom and make it more compatable.

Is there a list which tells me what these manufacturer code mean?

Here is a media guide.

Okay, I know I am probably getting annoying now, but I still cannot get my dvd+r’s to work in my panasonic. I have tried everything but bitsetting the media (because I can’t figure out how to do this). I have even tried using another computer with a NEC drive and it still doesn’t work. I found software for bitsetting the NEC drives but none for my Hitachi 4040N. Got any other suggestions? Thanks again!!!

Do your backups play back on your pc? Have you tried playing them in some other set top dvd players?

Will the disks you burn play on anything? Or just not the RV-32?

I never had anything but trouple with mcc media (granted dvd-r) on my set top. Never heard them referred to as 1st class either. Granted, all the burns I made played back fine on my pc, but my samsung just didn’t care for them. Try getting your hands on some TY or Ritek +r’s and give that a spin.

if you’ve tried burning both on your drive, and an nec, with the same result, most likely your set top just doesn’t like your media. How old and what model is your set top, theres a guide out there for that as well…:slight_smile: