Backed Up DVD's dont work on my pc but do



on my stand alone basic, cheap and nasty DVD player. Anyonelse experienced this? I was using DVD X COPY Platinum. The film (Kill Bill vol 1) works fine on my standalone but hangs horribly on my pc (where I’d prefer to watch it). I think it’s some kind of copy protection that my PC takes in to account and my stand alone doesn’t. Would this make sense? The playback on my PC starts OK but deteriorates rapidly and won’t play at all through windows media player 10 (some copyright error), I’m using PowerDVD player 5, are there any better players out there? What set up is ideal for backing up DVD’s that are compatible with all players? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thx

My system details:
XP Pro
Pentium 4 3.6 GHz
Lots of HD
2 x Plextor PX716A burners