Backed Up DVD's dont work on my pc but do



on my stand alone basic, cheap and nasty DVD player. Anyonelse experienced this? I was using DVD X COPY Platinum. The film (Kill Bill vol 1) works fine on my standalone but hangs horribly on my pc (where I’d prefer to watch it). I think it’s some kind of copy protection that my PC takes in to account and my stand alone doesn’t. Would this make sense? The playback on my PC starts OK but deteriorates rapidly and won’t play at all through windows media player 10 (some copyright error), I’m using PowerDVD player 5, are there any better players out there? What set up is ideal for backing up DVD’s that are compatible with all players? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thx :doh:

My system details:
XP Pro
Pentium 4 3.6 GHz
Lots of HD
2 x Plextor PX716A burners


All the time. :bigsmile:

Any DVD I tried to play in any of my computers have always stuttered like hell, from the very beginning (2001 and my first PC DVD drive…), when these discs always played perfectly in any standalone player.

Maybe it has something to do with the free memory available and the “weight” of the OS, as the exception for me is when playing on a Windows 98 PC with minimal config, no other programs running… only config with which I get smooth playback.

I just learned to live with it :rolleyes: - I prefer to watch movies on my 16/9 set anyway, but maybe someone with experience in these things will share his/her knowledge here… :slight_smile:


Thx, Kinda consoles me what you said…but I have a projector hooked up to my pc so I really want to watch them on my pc and originals work just fine. It’s really bugging me, I don’t think it’s down to system resources, it shouldn’t be for the amount my PC cost me in anycase, I hope it’s not a hardware issue (but then if it was originals wouldn’t work). kinda feel a liitle at a loss, I’ve tried several progs for backups with varying results, I just need that perfect solution that allows me to backup dvds and watch them on PC or standalone.


Aaaah, so my friend it’s probably your discs that are the culprit. Try some proven discs, like Verbatims and Taiyo Yudens. If you can’t find them, the 8X -R TDKs are not bad these days.

What discs (brand, model, rated speed) are you using? At what speed do you write them?


Ok first of all I just tried that same dvd in my laptop and it runs fine, the discs I’m using are cheapo Budget 8x and I’m respecting their write limit. I’m now looking at either changing my version of PowerDVD (could be the problem) or changing the physical situation of my dvd burners, I think this could be something as pathetic as a heat issue??? I’ll be back


Ok it’s not a heat issue so I’ll leave the burners as they are and try installing the same version of PowerDVD that I have on my Laptop


Try using a better quality media, as suggested by Francksoy.


Here it is. :bigsmile:

Mediocre discs will play OK in some drives but not in others. This is called “compatibility” ;).

I maintain my advice: try better discs. :iagree:


Ok guys I will try that, which are the best price/quality


I’ve already replied to that question in a post above…:wink:


thanks Francksoy