Backed up DVD's and mobil video

Does/has anyone used backed up dvd+r media in any of the mobil video devices. im currious about weather they play in the audiovox players. namely the AVD 300. feel free to share any experience with DVD+r and mobil video.

I have no problem using dvd+r and I always set booktype dvd-rom. oh my mobile player is koss dvp2161.

Ok guys, heres what i got.

Audiovox Portable DVD Player with 5.6" Detachable LCD Monitor and Carrying Bag Model: VBP4000EX

an audiovox dvd player with one 5.8"screen (supports 16:9 and 4:3 with a front button) and a 5.6 inch screen (4:3). my dvd +r’s play well in them. the box says two 5.6 inch screens but you get the above.

it is a combo pack at best buy on sale for an extrodinary low price of 269 $ . the add says 299. but it rings up 269 at least in my state. even at 299 its a killer deal. a twenty dollar RF modulator from Walmart puts my car speaker system to the test and they pass with flying colors.

it has been a long time since I played around with these toys, last time was summer 2003 vacation. The dvd player and monitors are separated.

When they were not in use, I put them in the kitchen for wife :bigsmile:

But all them in the storage now :iagree:

Ok ignore the above review of the audiovox dvd combo. while cheap you get what you pay for. i didnt like the sound the dvd player made as i placed a dvd in it or ejected one. i looked online for reviews and the dvd player gets hammer by purchasers. w few people even think they got the same screen witht the same burned in image.

anyways im still on the hunt.

zevia, thanks for trying to share your pics apparently i have to be a member of the oddy club to see them.