Backed up DVD Stops playing midway through movie

I have an E-Machine with 384 megs of ram 1.8 GHZ Athlon. I have an NEC ND2500A DVD burner. I have used DVD CLONER 2 and DVD Express Copy. The backup DVDs will burn successfully and playback quality is great. One problem though…When it playsback, about midway through the computer it freezes. I’ve tried playing it back on several Windows DVD players and standalones and it happens at the exact same spot on every one. For instance I backed up American Pie and in Chapter 13 a little through it will freeze frame and lock up. It has happened with over 15 different DVD Titles but all at different spots on the movie I have tried to backup. I had this same problem when I had a LITEON LDW 511S and thought the drive was defective. Is there something in my configuration in Windows or any files I need to download to fix this problem. I haven’t heard of anyone having the same problem. I would like to know if this has happened to anyone and if there is a solution?

Sounds like a bad media issue.
What media are you using? Preferably if you could give us the Media code that would be even better. Use DVDInfoPro to get it.

I have tried a bundle 50 pack of DVD+R from I have also tried Memorex 4x DVD-R. They all burn but the playback freeze frames. Do you think it is a media issue? I’ve spent some $$$ on what I bought. If it is, what would you reccommend to buy?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi Guys,
I have the exact same problem, I burned lot’s of movies and all
freeze at different chapters, I have used cheep DVD-R first so
I thought it would be DVD-R then I bought a pack of more expensive DVD-R but same problem, I tried different DVD copy programs:DVDXCOPY and DVD-Cloner, my movies freeze exact at the same spot even on my DVD player.
I would be appreciate if someone can help.

I agree with Ssseth…could be crap media…take his advice. The name brand on the box means little, as only 2-3 manufactures really make the blanks that get branded “memorex, tdk, etc”.

Another issue could be your burn speed, as indicated above, please post a lil more info for us and with the tool Ssseth suggested…:slight_smile:

I had this problem with Sony 510a using the original Clone DVD and cheap media. Even after upgrading to Clone DVD2, it still did it with cheap media such as Princo. I switched to other media and still had problems occasionally until Fujifilm. I started using InterVidio DVD Copy and have never had another coaster. Since the new release of Clone DVD2, using the Fuji—no problem. I have made it a practice never to buy media in bigger packs than 25 because of the way prices go down. Fry’s has the Fujifilm disks now at 25 for $19 after $5 rebate.

I should have mentioned that I purchased “X Copy Platinum” specifically for the program “X Rescue”. Except for 1 or 2 disks, I was able to save every freezer I had. Even though I had to leave some of them working all night, in the morning the saved files were ready to be copied to a new disk. All saved disks played right through–no problems. X Rescue can be purchased as a stand alone program, but X Copy Platinum included it and was about $40 on the net.

I have an NEC 2500A and I updated the firmware. I bought a 50-pack of DVD-R 4x at for $18.99…cheapest I’ve ever seen. Every one has burned pefectly. Also they burn at 6x with my firmware update.I use DVD Shrink #1 in my opinion to backup complete DVD’s…doesn’t matter about copy protection. To compile a collection I use ULEAD DVD Movie factory. After I did the firmware update, I have never had a problem but I have only used these two programs after my original posted program. ULEAD is good for Divx files downloaded and makes VCDs, SVCDs, and DVDs and you can make menus and chapters. Hope this helps.

I know this is a little off the original post, but I’d like to respond to the above post. I also have an NEC 2500A, but from threads I followed, I was advised not to upgrade. NEC’s site also states nothing really new in upgrade except media adjustments. In any case, I use the Fujifilm media, which is 1x-8x, in that machine, which is 8x speed, and it takes about 15 minutes to burn a movie from my hard drive. I put all my movies on my hard drive to filter through AnyDVD, then burn them at my leisure with either Clone DVD2 or DVD Copy. I have the Ulead Movie Factory program. It’s really great for converting mpegs to movie files to burn to DVD. Love the menu building feature.