Backed up doom 3,installed ok but still asks for disk 1

Made an iso image of doom 3,burnt to disc using lite-on and NTI software,the game installed perfectly,when i went to play the back up in kept saying cannot find doom 3 disk 1,how come it installed ok but now cannot find disk 1. :confused:

Installing from a backup and playing the game from it are two different things alltogether. This game is protected by safedisc 3.20 and you need to be able to replicate this copy-protection to play the game. An iso will not hold this copy-protection information.

Firstly, I suggest you download a trial version of alcohol 120%:

And could you also tell us what model of cd/dvd-burner you have?

can you install from a virutal image? (using daemon tools?) and still be able to play???

A virtual image made with any reputable burning software is much easier to create than a working backup for sd 3.20…so yes virtual image + daemon tools = game plays

The only problem with that is that you have bulky image files on your hdd. Another suggestion therefore, would be to use gamejackal0 (see thread located in this forum) It creates a profile of a game so that it will play without needing the cd or having to use a large image file. It works great for Doom 3! :slight_smile:

i donno if i want to use it thou cuz when i read the thread it seemed like most of the games didn’t work with it??? i donno, i wanna know your oppinion, how affective and good really is gamejackel???


OK, at the moment version 1 supports:

All Safedisc protected games to date - sd 3.20 (includes Doom 3)
All Securom protected games, apart from Securom v5

These are the 2 major protections used on cds - so gamejackal covers nearly all major protections. There is no support for Starforce 3 or Tages yet, but these are rarely used protections. Also, version 2 is coming out and this version promises to support even more protection types. I use gamejackal and i think it’s worth it at the moment, simply because games are getting harder to backup onto cd, and this offers a realistic alternative. :slight_smile:

At least try the trial version - i guarentee it will work with games like Doom 3 that are tricky to backup. Definitely worth a look in my opinion! :iagree:

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Thanks Cateater i did what you suggested and the back up now works perfectly. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Guys this is ILLEGAL and no-cd exe-files shouldn’t be discussed here.

I think this thread needs a lock.

No need to lock something so long because of 1 bad post, it was corrected.

Please do not discuss no-cd cracks here, and do not post links to them.

I know what cateater said was wrong,in his defence i have to say although he helped me i do have the original of the game and was only trying to make working back up,even i did not know that this site was not allowed,i thought using any means to make a working back up of your own game was ok,i hope i did not get him into much trouble by thanking him. :iagree:

I recently purchased DOOM 3 and tried installing it on my P IV system, I have an NVIDIA GEForce FX5200 128 MB video card. The readme on DOOM 3 says -
3D hardware Accelerator Card Required - 100% DirectX® 9.0b
compatible 64MB Hardware Accelerated video card and the latest drivers.
o ATI® Radeon 8500
o ATI® Radeon 9000
o ATI® Radeon 9200
o ATI® Radeon 9500
o ATI® Radeon 9600
o ATI® Radeon 9700
o ATI® Radeon 9800
o All Nvidia® GeForce 3/Ti series
o All Nvidia® GeForce 4MX series
o All Nvidia® GeForce 4/Ti series
o All Nvidia® GeForce FX series
o Nvidia® GeForce 6800 series

But I keep getting a message saying “could not load default.cfg” which I guess indicates my hardware is not compatible enuf? If anyone can suggest a remedy I’d really appreciate it, please help …