Backblaze posts annual hard drive failure rates report


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Online backup service Backblaze has posted its annual hard drive statistics in which the company shares numbers on failure rates of the nearly 105,000 the company has in its data centers. The company publishes the annual report since 2013.


Toshiba’s warranty during the warranty period, does not necessarily mean that your defective drive will be replaced. Toshiba will, at its sole discretion, restore the Product to working order in accordance with factory
specifications in effect at the time the Product was manufactured, replace the defective Product with a product
that is at least equivalent to the original Product or refund your original purchase price or the current replacement cost for your specific model whichever is less, if the return is accompanied by
a valid Proof Of Purchase (POP).

So what you may receive is a pro-rated refund based upon the length of time the drive has been in service instead of a replacement drive. For this reason alone I will not purchase their drives regardless of their failure rate.