BackBlaze: Best way to securely wipe data on SSDs involves throwing away the encryption key


The easiest way to make sure data on an old SSD is no longer accessible, is by encrypting all data, according to cloud storage service BackBlaze. Users who want to recycle or get rid of their SSD should encrypt the data and throw away the encryption key if they want to make sure nobody can gain access to current or even deleted data.

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Why not just burn it or put a sledghammer to the SSD that is far more effective then BackBlaze and cheaper. They are just advertising paying to use their storage is what I see.


I am sure that the average user does not have the ability to read each individual chip. Plus most people want even bother with any recovery tool but just inc case, you can use something like HD tune pro to do an up to a 35 pass of writes and also verify that everything was deleted.