Back Ups using Any DVD and Clone DVD not working in DVD player

I have been using Any DVD for the past couple of months with no issues. I recently purchased Clone DVD after my trial period and have been using it with great results. I am using Any DVD version, Clone DVD version and a Sony external burner. During my trial period for Clone DVD I made a couple of back ups but tried to burn them to fast and had a few problems. After slowing my speed down I did not experience any further problems. A couple of weeks ago I made about 6 back ups and for some reason I am unable to play these in my Samsung HT dvd player. I have been using Maxwell DVDR+ disks for my back ups. I have read earlier posts about low quality blank disks and degraded disks but these are out of the same pack as my earlier back ups last month. This is the only issue I am experiencing using Any DVD and Clone DVD, any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

You may want to try burning to a Verbatim DVD-R disk just as a media comparison. Sometimes different formats work best with different players.

Good luck.

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As Forum Member BeardedKirklander suggests try using known proven quality blank DVD Media such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

Usually the problem you are describing is related to the use of poor quality blank DVD Media and/or old out of date obsolete DVD Burner Firmware or a combination of both.


I try to stay away from Maxwell media. They are poor quality disks. I use Sony or Verbatim for my backups. Good luck with your problem.

OK, I followed everyones advice on media and encountered a couple of different problems. I purchased some Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16x Certified (ZD8111-DVR-J47F4 on inner ring) and Sony DVD+R 4.7GB RW (DVD+R Ver.1.3/1x-16x on the inner ring). When I tried the Vebatim disk CLONEDVD kept telling me to insert blank media, I got this message everytime I tried to write to the disk. The Sony disk burned with no problems but still will not play in my stand alone DVD player (my write speed is set @ 8x).

I do not know why I got the “insert blank media” message when I tried the Verbatim disk, I have used DVD-R blank media before with no problems.

I appreciate everyones help with the newbie. Hopefully I can follow the advice I receive and get out of this rut.

As stated above…try a firmware update for your burner. It can make a big difference with media.


Suggest re-reading my #3 posting and note my comments concerning DVD Burner Firmware.

Also suggest reviewing the referenced Web Link to PC World article.


As per your advice I updated my firmware for my burner. I have had NERO and updated the software to the fullest I could without purchasing the new version (7). I also installed the update for CloneDVD2 (version After this I tried again with the same results. The Verbatim media would not write in Clone DVD2 (message: Please insert recordable media into drive") and the Sony media did burn but resulted in the same message on my stand alone (" Play Prohibited, Please Check Disk"). What has been throwing me for a loop is that this issue just started very recently. I have backed up hundreds of disks using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter and had never ran into this issue until now.

I am not sure if one of the AnyDVD updates could have done this or what. Also, and I hate to even ask this question for fear of appearing a complete idiot, but here it goes. I do not have some of the originals for my back ups, is it possible that by trying to copy a copy I may only be continuing my issue. If so, I will begin banging my head on my desk…and bowing to the club.cdfreak gods…

What brand/model of burner and firmware do you have? How old is it?

bart65251 –

Request that you confirm exactly what Software Program and Version Number you are using when you receive the “Please insert recordable media into drive” error notification.

Also provide the Name/Model/Firmware Version of your DVD Burner.

Request that you confirm exactly what you are attempting to make a copy of. Are you attempting to make a Copy of an original Commercial DVD Movie or are you attempting to make a Copy of Backup Copy?


DVD Burner: Sony DVD RW
Model: DRU-710A
Firmware update: Sony website, update BYX5
Any DVD version:
Clone DVD version:

Re-read your earlier post, read the referenced article and I have updated my firmware. I am able to write to the Verbatim DVD-R’s now, problem #1 solved. Thank you. :bow:

I was trying to make a copy of a back up copy, so I tried a commercial disk. I tried Underworld Evolution, and as mentioned before I was successful in copying the movie to the Verbatim DVD-R.

After making the back up copy I tried it in my stand-alone player and received the same message, “Play Prohibited, Please Check Disk”, so this is the only problem I have left. I have played DVD-R and DVD+R back up copies in this player before. It is only now that I am having trouble with not being able to play the DVD-R or DVD+R. I have tried 3 different brands of media (Maxell DVD+R, Sony DVD+R and Verbatim DVD-R) with the same results. This leads me to think that it is a programming issue and not an issue with my stand-alone player. However, as we have already seen, you guys are the experts I am just following your lead……

“Play Prohibited, Please Check Disk” sounds more like a DVD region issue maybe? most players say something like “Please insert disc” and eject the bad one.

Have you messed with the settings? Click the “Default” button and give it a try.

Have not intentionally changed settings but I will try putting them back to default when I get home tonight.

OK, took a while but I did try to make a back up after clicking the “Default” button. I had the same rusults, everything appeared to be fine through the process but I received the same message from my stand alone.

AnyDVD shows region 1 as my default setting and that is what it has been all along. All of the feature removals are checked as well.

I am open to any other ideas.

Should I remove both programs and re-install them?? If I remove them will my keys stay intact?

As a matter of comparison and testing, I would go ahead and uninstall the products (save the emails with the serial keys) and try other apps.

AnyDVD is a device driver, so maybe that is part of the problem - you might have something else interfering.

What I would do is this:

1 - Rip the DVD to the hard drive with the copy protection removed

to do this, try using DVDFab Decrypter first. Try Full Disc mode. If that does not work properly, try Main Movie mode. If DVDFab Decrypter does not work, you could try the RipIt4Me / DVD Decrypter / FixVTS combo. It’s a little more involved, so that is why I suggested DVDFab Decrypter first.

2 - Process the ripped VIDEO_TS folder with DVD Shrink (or other free program)

first, maybe make sure it plays back fine with your DVD software app (like WinDVD or PowerDVD). Make sure it opens properly in DVD Shrink and maybe a demo of Ulead DVD MovieFactory or some other app. If it opens, plays back and processes fine, do a backup or re-author to a VIDEO_TS folder or ISO file on the hard drive.

3 - Burn the finished video to disk

Try using those high quality disks, like Verbatim and Nero or ImgBurn or something similar. Do not burn from within DVD Shrink or Ulead.

Each step is basically isolated, so now you can narrow in on where the problem may be cropping up, I would think.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

If you uninstall AnyDVD, the uninstaller gives you the option to keep your keys in the registry.

OK last night I used AnyDVD to remove protection, DVD Shrink to process to my hard drive and Nero to burn the back up. Everything worked just fine, the back up played in my stand alone with no issues. This leads me to think that my trouble may lie with CloneDVD2. I just finished updating over my version of CloneDVD2 again incase I had a ‘bad’ download with my last update. I will try to make another back up using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 tonight.

I also contacted Slysoft and answered their reply. I explained the issues and told them about all the advice I have been receiving here. Hopefully we can get this figured out.

One question, I believe I read somewhere on this forum that CloneCD also does DVD’s. What is the difference in the programs? CloneDVD2 vs CloneCD?

CloneCD doesn’t compress.

Clonecd makes full backups and retains the original layer break position (Clonedvd2 does not retain the original layer break position). If you have Verbatim + R DL discs, use Clonecd. Otherwise, use Clonedvd2 or something else.