Back ups lock on Play Back


512MB Ram


ASUS A78X Mother Board

I/O Magic Dual Format 8x DVD+RW+R (IDVDRW8D)

DVD backups created with on Maxel DVD R media Lock on play back both on PC and Panasonic standalone player.

Problem seems to occur only on Backs ups with over 2 hours of content.

I am only working with multi episode DVDs at the moment If there is only one or two 45 minute episodes burned to a disk with menu preserved no problem. If More then two episodes Burned locks occur. More so on the Panasonic DVD player than the I/O magic internal drive on PC but problem does occur on both difference is not as often on PC and PC will recover and continue play more often. Locks always occur in the same places on the DVD.

Have already verified proper playback from original factory DVD.

I/O Magic stresses that firmware up date should only be a last resort option but does not state what problems the update corrects.

Thanks for your in put