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This is probably a dumb question, but why does my back up copy play out of sequence?


Because it wasn’t done right. :slight_smile:

I know that doesn’t help, but you haven’t given us enough information on what tools you used.

Using free tools, you should start with DVDFab HD Decrypter to break encryption and get the movie onto the hard drive. If it is small enough to fit a dvdr without compression you can burn straight to a disk with ImgBurn. If not, then use DVDShrink to reduce it in size before burning.


I’m new at this…I used DVDfab and then DVD shrink, but it will only play on the newest sony dvd player and is all out of sequence…Can’t figure out what I did wrong…Someone said I might be using the wrong type of disc…According to what I googled I am using a DVD-R which is correct for my computer burner??? I know I’m doing something wrong, but don’t know what


What version of dvdfab are you using? Also what are you doing when you use dvdshrink, Full disc or customize mode? What brand of blank dvd media are you using? What speed are you burning at? Finally what burning rom are you using to burn to disc?


What do you mean,"out of sequence."
As in video and audio are not in sync? or???
And what media(type of disc) are you using?
What speed are you burning them?
Does it play fine from PC,before you burn it on disc?


I plays fine on the computer before I burn it…After I save to file with DVD Fab and then back up with dvd shrink…When I play it in the DVD player on the tv is starts with the last scene then skips to other scenes instead of starting at the beginning


Where’s the info that t0nee1 and I asked for. Cannot help you without that info.


Using DVD Fab Platinum 4 in full disc the only thing I changed was to Quality 9 instead of 5…Tried it both 5 and 9 and it still did the same thing. It has great quality, just jumps for scene to scene then throws in a trailer and then back to the movie…crazy


Using full disc on dvd shrink and don’t change a thing on that


Using Memorex DVD-R blanks Up to 16X 4.7 GB 120 min


Use full disc and the main movie folder on DVD shrink


If you have dvdfab platinum why use dvdshrink? Well you should get your dvdfab5 key and update to the most recent dvdfab. Get better media as those memorex are no good. Only use verbatim or taiyo yuden blank dvd media. But since you have memorex 16x, lower the burn speed to 8x as this might be your problem. Never burn at rated speed for junk media always burn at half speed for the junk. Also post a burn log so you can get more help from other cdfreaks members. Also check to make sure you are using SAO writing and not packet writing. And again Post burn log so we can help you better as we need that to know what the problem is


Thanks for your suggestions…I’ll try it again…