Back-up tribes 2

Hmmm, I seem to be having a lot of trouble trying to back upTribes 2:( . I tried the securom new settings for cloneCD and I also tried to use blindwrite with a guide from pfitz, but whenever I try to start a game, it kicks me out when I am loading “objects.” Can neone help me out with this? thx for any help in advance

thats wierd, Tribes 2 doesn’t have any copy protection that i know of, it just uses cd-checks when you start the game.
what type of burner do you have?
CloneCD should have no problem with this game at all.
simple DataCD Copy profile in CloneCD should do the trick for this game.
do you have the newest patches installed for the game?
might fix that too don’t know.

portmac’s site says SecuROM - maybe not in the US though.

A search shows that it’s SecuROM new

I just went and bought Tribes2 to test it (Australian).
The version I have seems to have no protection at all, I made a back up using Nero, copied on the fly.
The only problem I had with it was that the game (original and backup) would not work unless I installed the v25026 patch (87.7MB).
The backup will play in any drive without any ATIP hiding tool running.

i think the latest patch for the game gets rid of the CD-Checks totally now.
don’t think you need to have the CD in the drive anymore to play.
not sure on this for sure though.
last time i played i didn’t have the CD in the drive and game started fine.

I always thought it had securom new on it, I will have to try the data mode in clone cd. I will get back to you once I try it.