Back up to dvd failure

I tried to back up my computer with Norton Ghost 2003 the other day and the process failed. I don’t have much on my drive (about 12gb). I started backing up to dvd+r discs and after the first two dvds about 1300mb remained, so I decided to use cd-r’s to finish so I didn’t have to waste a dvd that wouldn’t be filled completely. But when I started burning the first cd-r, It burned to the end of the cd and then the computer rebooted without warning. Is this because I used a cd instead of dvd? I looked in my manual and it says that 74 min. (650mb) cds should be used or else it could encounter problems. I don’t understand why it would have problems with higher capacities because 74min and 80 min are both standard capacity cds. I used an 80min. cd because I didn’t read the manual and I wanted to be able to fit the rest of the backup on 2 cds(700x2=1400, 650x2=1300, a little over 1300mb was left) and I didn’t think it would fit on 2 650 (74min.) cds. So was the problem switching to a cd or using a 700mb cd. Or is Ghost just worthless and can’t use standard formats. The cd that it crashed on doesn’t work at all, neither of my drives can even recognize that there is a cd in the drive when it is inserted. What could cause that to happen? I’ve burned to this type of cd (memorex 52x 700mb cd-r) before and it worked. Also, is there any way to continue backing up from where it failed, or do I have to restart and call my dvds I used coasters?

Your text is a bit confusing, but from what I’ve understand, you used a normal (700MB) cd and normal dvd’s (4,5gb) to burn a ghost 2003 image.

First question, does norton ghost allow you to have hybrid writing (DVD/CD for the same image file)?

Secondly, are the cd’s readable (you can access the contents) on your/others computer(s)?

Thirdly, which burner are you using? Has it ever crashed before?

put the images on your hard drive first THEN burn those to CD or DVD. DON"T use Ghost’s internal burning engine … itz not that good…BTW, either is Ghost. have you tried Acronis True Image ? RULEZ !

I have found those images to be unreliable when burned to optical discs. And they really aren’t as good as formating and re-installing over. That’s my opinion thought, you have to build up yours :wink:


  1. I really have no clue if Ghost supports hybrid writing.
  2. My dvds are readable, but the cd is not.
  3. Using BTC 1016im 16x dvd+/-rw with firmware a07m. (I know it isn’t that great, don’t remind me) This is the first dvd I’ve burned with it, but I have used cd-r’s successfully.

Side note: Do cd-rw’s always perform better than cd-r’s? I checked my cd-r’s and cd-rw’s with Nero Cd-dvd speed and all my Verbatim cd-rws are basically perfect while my Memorex cd-r’s have some errors (not a lot). Is it because my cd-rw’s are made by verbatim, or is it that cd-rw’s in general are better, or is it because cd-rw’s burn slower, which causes less errors?

Also, I don’t really want to format and reinstall because it takes a long time, and because with dial up, getting all the critical windows updates after the reinstall takes a long, long, long time. Dsl and cable not available in our area. Satellite is available, but satellite has problems from what I’ve heard.

Ghost does not support hybrid writing, I believe it uses a packet type format to allow for start stop writing, changing the type of disc will really throw the software as it sets the split point to the size of the first media.

The reason that the PC restarted was that it tried to write 4.7GB of data to the CD and failed when it came to the end of the disc unexpectidly. I doubt if the makers of ghost put in error detection for this.

There isn’t any way to start burning from before where the error occured (so I don’t have to scrap my used discs) is there?