Back up Sims2

Hi there,

I need help with burning a copy of my Sims 2 game. i copied all the other disc just fine, but the first disc i am having troubles with. my burner is this HL DT ST DVD RAM GSA 4081B and HL DT ST DVD-ROM GDR8162B also my laptop is philips CDRW/DVD SRB5265 ATA device. i am trying to get this working without a non CD crack or a V-Drive. i just want the original copy of the game to work on a burnable CD that will work like the original copy.

Any help would be awesome


You could do what I do. Go get a Mini-Image or No-cd (no links use google). Then copy all the data off the cd add the Mini-Image or No-Cd in a folder on the disk. Then burn.

Other then that Sims2 can be burned to a cd-r and just played. Due to protection.