Back-up Rogue Spear!



Can someone please tell me the best way to back-up rogue Spear.

Using either SCSI or IDE Writer



using either nero or cdrwin
is it psx or pc if psx and u in uk i wanna copy so bell me if you are and i will tell u if i still want
read copy info from main pages to tell you how to put you settings


It is for the PC Edition.


go to then look on the right scroll down click on rogue spear and it tells you there

#5 only has a crack for once the game is fully installed.

I want to make a back-up copy of the cd.

Using Yamaha 6416 Scsi


Maybe I don’t understand the problem, but if you are going to make a copy from the original CD then you can use the original CD to do a full instlation. Then swich exe.'s and your copy should work. I haven’t tried Rogue Spear, but that’s how it usually works.


you could try makeing an image with Duplicator, i did that with Tiberian Sun a got a “new orginal”, and and think it should be possible with Rouge Spear too, but i’m not sure…
But you have too use an IDE writer, if it hasn’t been released a newer version