Back Up Question

I’m a newbie remember. Is there a way to use multi discs in backing up more than the standard cap of a single platter. ( Like say using Zip type backups ). I would like to do a complete system backup using CD’s and have the ability to " Restore " all of it if nessessary? What software,etc? Thanks.

Powerquest DriveImage
Norton Ghost

They should be able to do the trick with thge option of disk spanning.

Drive image is much more newbie-friendly. A word about backing up: never rely on one method, always have 2 copies of critical data. a second HD serves very well for this purpose. you can schedule Drive Image to create a compressed image to a second hard drive, then burn that to CD at your leisure. Having an image available on HD is very handy, as you can restore a single file or the entire image in just minutes. Neither of the 2 popular imaging programs is very competant at writing directly to CDR, saving the image to HD and copying to CD later is easier and often faster too.

I’ve tried driveimage, and it is quite easy to backup. It will allow you to backup straight to a CD writer. However, if you have an extra HD, I’d just Ghost 7 and do a clone of one HD to another HD.

How to:
Put your original HD on the end connector and set it to CS, put the new drive on the other connector and set it to CS.
Boot to your original Windows and delete your swap file by selecting ‘none’ in device manager.
Then, unzip and copy the attached file (Ghost) to C: root.
Boot to a DOS prompt and execute the file by typing ‘ghost’.
From the menus that follow select copy ‘drive to drive’ aka ‘cloning’.
Before booting to Windows again, put the new drive in the first ide connector but don’t connect the old one yet.
Boot to Windows normally and reset your swap file to a normal size.
Then go to device manager and change the letter as you see fit.
Next time you boot with your old HD connected, it will pick up the next available letter.
by EQ of ICF

If you use Norton, make sure you specify a cd size if the image is going to be more than the cd is.

Thats done with the span size.

Here is a link to a tutorial I found

Hey,thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it. Just installed a new HD and bought Ghost 7 to do it. Wondered if it might work for this app. Use XP and heard that the new ver ,2003, has a lot of problems with XP at this time. Sure they will get it right but needed to make the change now. Regards.

I’ve been using Ghost 2003 for a while now with both XP and Win2k and haven’t had any particular problems, though I don’t use the fancier features. Mostly I just save off my C: partition to compressed files on my second hard drive, which is an NTFS partition. Actually I’ve had more problems with DriveImage 6 when writing to NTFS partitions than I’ve had with Ghost '03.

Originally posted by FudPucker
…I would like to do a complete system backup using CD’s and have the ability to " Restore " all of it if nessessary?
NTI DriveBackup is what I use