Back up PS2 games



Im stuck on this one guys. You will have to explain this one to me…

I have a PS2 and i recently got it modded because of the way i treat my PS2 games. I use them a frisbies when i get mad when i cannot get past some level. (for the note: This is fully legal)

I have got a DVD Writer, it is a dual format.
Because its dual format i have to choose within media to use…
Is DVD-R or DVD+R more effective for backing up PS2 games and playing them. I have a simple idea that DVD-R is more effective.


I find DVD-R is more compatible but i think both work on newer consols best to try and see how you get on…


all ps2s are pretty much guaranteed to read dvd-r. older ones can’t read dvd+r.


My PS2 is quite old… I think i better stick to DVD-R.
Thanks peaple


The key perhaps is is not what format, but QUALITY of media.
Yes some PS2’s cannot read +R! That is true. BUT if you get sub-par media in DVD-R format your PS2 may not be able to read it either! Please pay a visit/search to our Media/Stand alone devices forums for more info/questions.


PS2 Versions SCPH 30004, 30004R, 35004, 39004, 39008 can only read dvd-r
PS2 Versions SCPH 50004 can also read +r

my experience with medias that RITEKG04 and SONY ones are working ok i had no coasters, LEADDATA01 —> no chance



I got a 30003R… PAL version

I saw alot of reveiws saying that ritekG04 are best for the job.
Im going to buy some G04s…

Im done here now