Back up ofthe wicker man problems

tried to back up the wicker man but it wont work in my dvd player,i have played several back ups with no problem, so its not the player. the backup will play on computer though.i looked at the info and it has no region code could this be the problem? and how do i correct this if so.

Can you please read this post and supply all the info we need. Thanks

I backed up Wicker Man and had no problems using AnyDVD version It played ok on my Pioneer player.

Burned with a system having Win XP Pro SP2 with 2Gb memory with Plextor PX-716A burner. Region 1.

Bitsetting or media compatibility issue, in all likelyhood, but until you answer Dr. Who’s post, we’re just stabbing in the dark.

No problem with Wickerman, using ANYDVD6907, and CloneDVD2,2903

thanks to all who tried to help sorry for the little info updated anydvd thenext day when the new version released and it worked fine