Back up of DVD movies



I want to back up some of my DVD movies.
I have managed to ‘rip’ the movies to my computer but could do with a reccomendation of what software to use to put the VOB’s etc on to a DVD disk.
Sorry to ask such a bone head question
Thanks in advance
Yossii :bow:


The lastest nero will do the job nicely.



thanks for the reply do you knwo of any other good software apart from Nero
my dvd player seems not to like the cuts from nero !



I have been using DVD2ONE to rip and conpress my DVD’s, Then I use NERO to burn them. You can try Alcohol 120% or Roxio. I can t reconmend anything else because I havent tried them out. As far as your DVD payer not likinng the “CUTS” burned with Nero I think you should check your DVD Blanks (media) that is probly where your problme is at. I have been using Verbatim and I havent had any problems.



I found DVD Shrink and Nero 6 work great never a coaster.


I have used Record Now 4.5 and it does fine. Nero is what I predominately use. As lvlr_yack said check your media and what speed you are burning at. Also, do some searching to see what media your burner “likes”. I have done that here using this forum and have had good luck thus far.


being a newbie…I have found that 123 copy dvd to be excellent…2 click of the mouse and its on its way…DVD Cloner is also good but copies everything with subtitles that you cant turn off.

Hope this helps

darby26 :slight_smile:


Try using imgtool classic to make an ISO then burn with DVD Decrypter.

Works great and is entirely free.


Paid $99 bucks for DVD Platinum when I first started 6 monts ago.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BIG MISTAKE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

DVD SHRINK (Free) and Nero offer MORE flexability and same simple one click, if you perfer !

I only used the Platinum 4 times , Kick myself in the A$$, and shoot the salesman.


I have been using DVD2One 1.4 to compress and CopytoDVD to burn. The nice thing about this combo is that DVD2One can automaticaly use CopyToDVD after it is done compressing. With my XP 2400+ computer it takes about 20 min to compress a large DVD and then another 15 to burn @ 4x.