Back up Movies

Recently i had a problem which made all my original dvds to be damaged. Fortunately i had a back up of these dvds. Now i am trying to make another backup from the backed up movies. But clone dvd is giving me a CRC error. The Discs do not seem to be scratched they seem fine. Can Ayone Help pls


CRC errors generally mean the disc is unreadable in the drive you are using for some reason - and not necessarily due to scratches. You might try running the read test in DVDInfoPro on one of them and see if it identifies bad sectors. You might also try using these backups in a different computer dvd drive and see if the read problems persist.
If you are experiencing these type problems with your burned media frequently, you may want to take a fresh look at your dvd burning equipment, media and practices to identify the source of the problem before making fresh backups.