Back up lock up



Hello, for some reason I am having a problem with my back ups locking up. They just lock up on one scene, and if I press ff, then play it continues. I have tried several different movies all with the same result. No errors shown when backing up. I am using Verbatum DL dvd+r, because I was told it was one of the better ones. I am burning at 4X. Any ideas?


Geez, I don’t know. Your media is good. Your burn speed is reliable.

Do you leave your computer alone while backing up? You cant multi-task when burning … very bad. Turn off your antivirus and any other active softwares that may be triggering during a burn such as automatic updates etc.

What brand of player do you use? Some high end players (Bose, Marrantz, others ect.) have real problems with any burned media.

Also, what brand and model is your burner? Is it capable of bitsetting/booktyping? Only newish players do well recognizing plain vanilla burned +R media.



Allright Whisperer1, you’ve to this point avoided my wrath… but I can’t take anymore. I can’t stand for this injustice.

Being the proud owner of an all Marantz home theater rig, including Pre-Pro, Amp, DVD, and DLP projector… I can not allow you to bash their great name by mentioning Bose in the same sentence, paragraph etc… :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

You are spot on about media compatibility tho, my player is a bit finicky about the media codes I throw it’s way…

I’m usually in agreement with you on your posts, but couldn’t let that one go without some comment… :cool:


Multi tasking could be my problem, I will try the approach of hands off… Thank you for your input, and I will let you know if that does the trick… :doh:


Yah, post back if your new “no touch” policy gives you working backups.

Ha, ha, ha, ha! I stand chastised. Sounds like a nice setup. Someone on cdf (can’t remember) turned me on to this high end player which upconverts way beyond Progressive Scan to 1080i via a DVI connector to your HDTV. Firmware updatable. They said it was very tolerant of media type. Plays NTSC and PAL. Would probably be a nice addition into your marrantz rig. I’ll probably get it soon. Then I can actually watch my Charles Bronson “White Buffalo” DVD which I could only buy in R2 PAL format.

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@ bsg69,

Quite possibly your DVD Burner Firmware not containing burning/writing strategy for Verbatum DL DVD+R media could cause you problem.

Ensure that your DVD Burner has the most recent current up to date Firmware available installed.

Also Forum Member Whisperer1 is correct in that many of the expensive higher end stand alone desk top DVD players are extremely picky in playing recorded DVD media. Surprisingly cheap low buck Wal-Mart/Kmart DVD players do an excellent job in playing recorded DVD media

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…are you referring to the lowerend Sonys because those wal-mart RCAs will barely play a Cdr :eek:


@ Whisperer1

Chastised? Nah, that’s a bit harsh. I believe you got the joke. That player seems pretty nice. Don’t really need the upconverting, that’s already handled rather well. The DVI output is another matter tho. I still haven’t picked up a DVI player, but the improvements over component is very noticeable. I’m a big fan of preserving the source and DVI certainly does less harm to the signal than component. The Faroudja deinterlacer in the player is the best IMO. If you do in fact pick it up, you’ll have to let us know what you think of it.


Build quality is a funny thing with consumer electronics. It seems that the cheap players using commodity pc dvd readers as their transport have less problems with media. While the uber expensive players using transports more geared towards quality video playback have fits with any disc that isn’t pristine.


I’ve experienced the same thing while backing up “History of Violence” (region 1) to Verbatim DL +R at 4x. Using most current versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 and always leave the computer alone while burning. Everything went perfectly, but one seen will lock up and you have to fast forward past it. All firmware is up to date and NEC recommends this media. Any thoughts, have never had this problem with Verbatim DVD5’s even when burning at 16x, tons of perfect burns. (I only use Verbatim) I have a Panasonic 5 disc DVD player thats never failed to read a disc…


Ok the hands off angle didn’t work. The firmware is up to date, and still the same problem. Always 1 fram that seems to lock up. My dvd player does fine with backed up dvds. I watched a couple of a friends that they have brought over. Any more ideas???


OK here is the deal. The problem seems to be with clonedvd. I just backed up a different movie using sonic dvd, and it worked fine… Is it a glitch in clonedvd? Should I try reinstalling it, or just use a different program?


are you sure the other movie is not defective have you tried the movie you are have problems with in sonic also?

you can also try to burn your ripped files with Nero Burning Rom so you can actually watch your [B]drive buffer [/B] ( not the ultra buffer) and see if your drive is failing or dropping out during the burn. Your drive should normally hold around 96 to 98% for the duration of the burn. I have had bad media cause a drive to stall during the burn and then jump back to 98% and the result usually is choppy or freezy playback I usually only use this for new brand media I am trying (the first 2 or 3 disc out of a 50 pack) or new drives but I can say that 99.99% of the time choppy playback has always been caused by bad media for me It seems some drives are picker at some brands of media than others , since I have went to Sony DVDR’s (MIJ) my NEC6550 have had 2 bad burns out of over 300 and these 2 discs were ejected during the burn process.


Best would be for DL media to use ImgBurn, dvddecrypter or clonecd. I like clonedvd very much but i don’t prefer it for DL backups.


Yes, I’m sure it’s not the movie. I have even done one that froze up with clonedvd. I used my sonic program, and it worked fine.