Back up issue with "Cars"

Noobie here.

CloneDVD 3.9.4
AnyDVD running on taskbar

Have tried burning with:

Copy To DVD SE
Nero Express 6

same results using both

Problem is : DVD starts just fine on player and in PC but stays frozen on FBI Anti Piracy warning screen. Bad omen? I can go to select scene and select scene 2, rewind back to beginning of movie and it plays just fine. any ideas?

There is a newer version of AnyDVD (many newer versions in fact, you are way behind - need to update because of the newer protections thgat have came out).

Also, there is no version of the REAL CloneDVD with that number. You must be using the cheap version and not the true version from Elby.

I had no problems on the Region 1 WS version of Cars using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 It backed up just fine.

yep, you’re right, I never knew I had the el cheapo version of CloneDVD. I’ll look into updating AnyDVD as well. Thanks for your reply.

NP. Cars is one of the newer discs with latest protection so I’m sure you’ll need to update that at least to even get it to rip. Good luck. No prob with cars and latest versions of both anydvd & clonedvd2.

That’s encouraging to hear! I ran out of DVD+R’s! Off to Staples. I let you know how I make out. I still cannot believe that there is a ripoff program called CloneDVD. Fooled me and I’m semi-thmart.

Yes, this rippoff is pretty much ruining the real CloneDVD’s reputation :frowning:

UPDATE: successfully backed up “Cars” with latest versions of AnyDVD and ConeDVD2. Looks like I’ll be buying them both.

You can ask your credit card company to charge back your money because of fraud. (The CloneDVD impostor asks 100 dollars for the garbage, right?)

Great! :slight_smile: Thanks for coming back and keeping us updated as well. So many folks just post one time and we never hear back if they got their problems straightened out. :clap: