Back up HD to CD's with automatic restarting



I have one problem. When I make a clean installation of WinXP, after that install all other programs everything works fine. But after 5-6 months after a lot of other instalations/deinstalations my system become very slow, so I must to reinstall HD and again install system again with all programs.
My question is: anyone can tell me witch program i can use to make exact copy of C: partition on CD’s, and when I want to reinstall system I don’t need to install again WinXP and everything other, - I can only format C:, restart comp, insert that backup CD’s (one by one, but without starting any other program) and in couple minutes i can get my system in perfect condition as I backuped.


You are in need of a drive imaging tool. One of these applications, is the very popular Symantec Ghost, offering exactly what you want/need!


Bear in mind that if you decide to ghost your system,also
make a backup of your e-mails. I use Geniesoft to backup outlook


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