Back up hard drive softwear

Hi guys.I want to buy external hard drive to use as a back up,is there a softwear that i can copy my whole hard drive whit,and whenever i ad some programs or files to my internal hd it’s going to be copyed to my back up hd automaticly?

i think what your looking for is disk imaging software , the best are acronis trueimage & paragon drive backup

i’ll also go for acronis true image

If i jast do it from the control panel would it be the same?

If you have a Seagate or Maxtor HDD you can get free Acronis here. :clap:

what do you mean “do it from the control panel” ?

what i ment is:if i just go to performance and maintanans,back up your data,and buck up whole computer.

what operating system are you using? I’m not seeing that in my control panel, but it sounds like it’s along the same lines. I’ve never used it and never seen it recommended here though so I can’t tell you for sure.

It’s all your reasons :iagree: I’ve given all the info i can for now.

Thanks man,my primery hd is seagate barracuda,the external probably will be fantom titanium-2.Can i still use the program you sagested?

Why sure you can :slight_smile: You can use it on all your drives i think but you need to have one of them (Seagate or Maxtor). It’s a big download though i hope you have a high speed connection. Grab the Seagate version and your good to go.

The OS is windows xp media center edition.

I got optimum online.

i’m with you. i don’t know anything about the windows backup utility, but I know that Acronis (and the seagate/maxtor drive backup) work very well so I’d be inclined to recommend those as well.

Since i don’t know much about windows back up utility and anyting about Acronis i’ll go with the advice from the piople who knows.