Back up GTA:San Andreas

I just got GTA:San Andreas and I want to make a back up copy of it. I tried burning it the regular way using the default settings on Alcohol 120%, but it won’t load past the loading screen. I have a V5 PS2 and SwapMagic 2.0. Please help. Thanks.

Download DVD Decrypter, and read and write the disk in ‘ISO mode’. Also use media like: Verbatim and TDK. PS2’s like DVD-Rs more than DVD+Rs. You could also try buning @ like 4X speed. Good Luck!


I’ve personally had a lot of success with Datawrite Titanium disks for PS2 backups. If you can’t get a hold of those, the newer range of Riteks (such as Ritek Extreme) are also worth a look.