Back Up Gran Turismo 4?

I already ripped an .iso image of the game, it’s 5.8gbs. Now I just need to know what program do I need to burn it? I have a dual layer DVD burner. Should I use DVD-R or +R? Do I need any patch to do this? Thanks.

is it an iso file if so just use decryptor(freeware) atr or you can try Alcohol 120% and so on there are many burning program out there. If you say what kind of file you have that would help with a reply and what did you rip it with?

As far as using + or - it would be best decided on what version Playstation 2 you have.

As far as a patch, I cant help you there as I live in the States and the game will not be released untill February 23, 2005, but IMHO there will have to be a patch just because of what Sony has done latley woth new protections(but I am not sure because I dont have the game yet)

I bet you can find some good info at

My version is the Chinese ver and I have a V6 PS2 (No solder chip w/SwapMagic). I’ve read (in this forum) that GT4 is one of the unburnable games because of PTP or OTP (it’s one or the other), is it true? Anyone successfully backed up GT4 before? Thanks for the help.

I’ve tried to use Acohol120 to burn it, it doesn’t work. Is there anyways to back it up? What programs should I use?

Look here Right now there is no way to back up this game but in the link I provided some one says something about the JAP version using a Benq drive or something, but I think they came to the conclusion it was false.

I would just give it time. I have tried several things myself(editing the file and applying patches but none have worked)

I found a place that sell back ups of the game, I might just get a back up from them. I have no solder chip and Swap Magic v2, and my ps2 is US ver. 6, will I need to upgrade my modchip and/or Swap Magic to play the backup? Thanks.

do you know the program dvdfab platinum?
with this you can separate a dvd9 dl into 2 normal dvds
try it but i don’t know if you can do it with gran turismo 4.

Still not gonna work there ar people ou their that say they have tried similar step but it is still getting the same response. This game needs a fix it is that saimple. By what I see by the way the game is written to where it goes from one layer to another at any giventime looking for data and not only that the second ;ayer is not writtenin similar manner as dvd’s it is suppose to be 1mm deeper on the second layer.

By what I read there is someone that is real close and will be releasing something soon for it.

nice … i hope it will work

i just tried this but it wont work … only works for movies

How about you just play some worthwhile games instead?