Back up for Dual Layer CD/SACD's

This is probably old new so bear with me.

What is the status with the new hybrid SACD’s that can be played on std CD players (like the Stones and Dylan)? Is there any hardware and/or software that can make copies (for personal use)? My old 12x LiteOn with EZCD 4 would recognize some and not others. That unit has been replaced with a DVD/CD LiteOn burner with Record Now and it recognizes these hybrids as DVD’s.

It is my equip or are there no burners that can make std CD copies from the hybrid CD’s? Thx, Larry

At the moment absolutely not. You may be able to copy the normal portion that’s readable by regular cd players but not the SACD data. It’s encrypted and unreadable at all by any computer drive on the market. The only way to copy the SACD data is to digitize it–but what’s the point–it won’t sound any better than the cd audio anyway. Just a gimmick, and a hope for the music industry that eventually all audio cds will be like this and won’t be rippable.


Hi TW, I did ask in my post about being able to copy the Std CD layer, not SACD. I am having difficulty with that process. Is is possible, specific hardware or software dependent?

Thanks, LarryB

I believe that you should be able to rip the standard audio–there may be one of these newer cd-audio protections on it, but the newest LiteOns (I think particularly the DVD writers) are supposed to be able to rip them. Did you try EAC (exact audio copy)?


I have a LiteOn 411s 4xDVD +/-. It came with Record Now and it won’t do it (sees it as a DVD, not CD).

What is EAC? Record Now has an Exact Copy selection but the problem seems to be how it categorizes the original.

Thx, Lar

I figured out what EAC is. EAC shows that the CD only contains one track of 766mb acc to my LiteOn DVD-rom but the DVDRW shows the 10 tracks.

So, is this the fault of the DVD-ROM then? Does this mean that I have burn it to HDD, then to a CD-r??

Thanks, Lar

This all seems to be coming together. EAC showed me that it is readable in the DVDrw. As long as I use the DVDrw as my reader, too, it works!!

Is there anything I can do to the DVD-rom to make it read those discs or is that just how it is??

Thanks, Lar

Hi Larry, sorry for the delay in replying.

By EAC–I meant the freeware program that is excellent in ripping audio.

I suppose that since this SACD format is new and probably the discs have some sort of lame copy protection on the standard side, it’s hard for many drives to be able to recognize them properly. You can thank LiteON for making their new DVDRW drives particularly good in reading copy-protected CDs. Your DVD-ROM obviously is choking on these discs…


Thanks for your time, Tek.

It’s just too old. Oh, well.