Back-up dvd's wont play on ps2



hey guys, im not a n00b when it comes to this stuff, but i thought id post in here since im new to the forums, i have made backups that will work in 99% of dvd players but for some reason they dont play in the playstation 2… is a mod chip needed for playing dvd back-ups? i no its needed for games, but i thought dvds would work?.. thanks…


Some info that will help people better diagnose your problem:

  1. Model of DVD burner you used
  2. blank media you used (media code, not brand)
  3. if DVD+R media, should use bitsetting to change to DVD-ROM

That’s just a quick list- a search of this site or google will elaborate on anything you haven’t heard of.

Basic rules of thumb are- use good media and don’t burn at max speed if you can help it.


thanks bro, but generally speaking does the PS2 not run back-up dvds? that was my question, but i appreciate ur info…



I play burned DVDs just fine in my slim PS2 all the time, no modding. I’ve heard some old, old PS2s have trouble with DVD+R media. If that could be the case for you, try switching to DVD-R.


Generally speaking, the PS2 hardware is made in such a way as to refuse to play any backed up DVDs. This is part of the design to keep people from playing bootlegged games.

I personally think it’s a bit of a ham-fisted approach - obviously it stops folks like you from playing legitimate burned DVDs on the PS2.

Maybe, just maybe, “booktyping” the DVD as “DVD-ROM” (instead of “DVD-R” or “DVD+R”) when burning will trick the PS2 into playing it.

I personally wouldn’t recommend chipping the PS2 as this would void your warranty and could irreparably damage the system.

Ah, well, in light of what tehGrue says I guess I’m wrong. This does however greatly improve the chances that my booktyping suggestion will work.