Back-up DVDs run too fast in drives. Why?!

Does anyone know why my original DVDs play at normal x1 speed using e.g Zoomplayer, Theatertek, WinDVD etc., but all my backed up DVDs made using DVD Shrink play at the proper speed but the DVD drive doesn’t play at x1 but whirrs around at what seems x6.

What I mean is, it’s as if the DVD drive is trying to cache the data. It will also stop altogether sometimes then skip as it the drive spins up again later in the film!

My stand alone DVD player runs at a normal x1 with the copied DVDs, so WHY does the PC DVD drive see a DVD-R as different from a commercially pressed DVD?!

Anyone help?

Anyone else notice this phenomenon?


A lot of PC-Drives slow down with CSS protected discs. Copy = no CSS = no slow down = a lot of noise. If you use AnyDVD (a “must have” utility if you watch DVDs on PCs, alone for removing user prohibitions on the fly), set it to “Slow & Quiet” speed.

Additionally, your copies may be identified by the drive as data discs of one sort or another. This would also cause them to spin faster.

Tru hit the nail on the head. most (almost all) dvd drives limit the read speed of CSS-protected discs for quiet playback, while copies don’t have CSS anymore.

For a free utility that works great you might want to check out the Nero Toolkit and it’s DriveSpeed program. Many “CD Freaks” use this as well as the famous CD-DVD Speed to check out the quality of your burns. Like I said it’s all free so it can’t hurt.

Nero Toolkit:

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

I honestly never thought of CSS as a reason for the slowdown, but it would certainly explain it.

AnyDVD sounds a bit too all ‘intrusive’ for my liking, so I tried DriveSpeed and this seems to work pretty well with the Pioneer 108 I’m using so perhaps problem solved now?

The only slight drawback now seems to be in remembering to set DriveSpeed to ‘fast’ when copying data files from (data) DVD-Rs to the hard drive, otherwise there’s a noticeable slow down (unsurprisingly) if the setting remains at ‘silent’ from last use.

Really? In what way? It’s a great little program.

What I mean is … for example this very first quote from the Slysoft website:


* Works as a driver automatically in the background

It’s the ‘automatically in the background…’ that worries me.

If I want to decrypt a DVD using say, DVD Decrypter, then I start it up and run it manually and it does its thing. You close it and that’s that.

What if you don’t automatically want AnyDVD to do x, y and z?!

If you can disable its ‘automaticity’ then fair enough. But, can you do that or not (without uninstalling it)?

yes, you can disable functionality in AnyDVD, but there’s really little point in disabling those functions.

I had a similar problem, except that my backups were playing [I]slightly[/I] too fast. Something about the way they played just seemed off. Anyways, I found they played much better when using AnyDVD and setting the Drive Speed for videoDVD to Medium, and that they played pretty much flawlessly when set on Fast & Noisy. Not really sure why. It even seemed like the picture quality was better as well. Brilliant little program.