Back-up dvds crash on standalone dvd player

Using CloneDVD i have successfully backed up some DVDs on my Dell DVD+RW (NEC ND-1100A) I have tried burning them at maximum speed and at x4. I have been using “infinity” DVD+R. When I play them in my stand alone Aiwa XD-DV480, they initially seem alright, but then afer about10 minutes in to the movie the picture starts to freeze and eventually crashes.This happens at random and not at certain points on the movie! I have searched other forums and found that this make of DVD player does support DVD+. The DVDs I’ve created play fine on my PC.

Could this be the type of DVD+R media that I use. can anyone recomend a better brand of media for this player? should I change my player?

Hi iest and welcome to the forum ,

My first suggestion is to lower the writing speed for your content. Most standalone players (especially older crappier version) cannot cope with media that has been written on higher speeds than 2.4

If this will fail as well , i suggest contacting your supplier.