Back up dvd problems

Ok i have tryed many things but the movies i copy skip on my dvd player on my tv, not my comp thou.

The way i have been burning is start with dvdshrink, remove a few files then use nero and just copy the files then come from dvd shrink.

I have tryed some cheaper dvd-r disks and a dvd+rw disk, the + skips more but someoen one said that rw are lower quility disks.

I have a sony dvd player,vrc combo that supports -rw dvds and my burner is digital research, the newest one they offer.

What should i be looking at to change here? I have tryed copy to dvd program but havnt noticed any diffence

Does the quility of the disk matter much?

Does the quility of the disk matter much?

If you’d spent any time perusing the various forums you’d have your answer. This is a topic that has been asked/answered/discussed hundreds of times.

The media you choose is of the utmost importance, it matters very much, and various burners like certain brands over others. You need media that is a good match for your burner, and when you find it stick with it. Your version of Nero should also be updated, that’s pretty much of an early beta you have.

People give different answers for the same question.
I been looking more towards the softwere then anything else.

The software used to creat the files is NOT responsible for the jumping. As you say it plays ok on the PC just not on your DVD Player. If it plays ok on the pC then there is absolutly nothing wrong with the file creation. The actual reader in most DVD Players are pretty poor compared to those in your PC, hence the difference in playback.

The media has the most influence on your dvd player, dont expect perfect playback on el-cheapo media, you get what you pay for. As MysicEyes also said, you really must update your Nero, version 6.0.x has serious DVD writting problems.

I had alot of artifacts and freezing when playing back on my standalone panasonic dvd player. When using -r discs they will play on all computer drives,cheaper dvd players and expensive standalone dvd writers perfectly. But to play perfectly on the panasonic I had to use +r media but set the bitrate of the media to report it as a -r disc.