Back up copy



new to this, have to say i bought program from dvdidle the platinum, your program is awesome I have had no problems at all. with gold or express the new updates still no problems. Sorry now question when will i get a back up cd in the mail, like i have read, its been over couple months and close to buying new computer. Thanks Again Great Program


Never! Read the DVDIdle com site. Fab is sold as download only. A back up copy would be useless because of updates. If you had received a CD a couple of months ago, it would be several updates behind. I usually forward the email from Element 5 to gmail or another web based email. and back up several ways. I have a computer designated for DVD backup, so there is no email programs on it. I make all purchase of products on main computer because of an auto fill tool, and receive emails with key there too. Then download to my other computer and activate the product using the email forwarded to gmail. I have had to start over on a fresh install a couple of times without problems. Just make sure key is working and retrieve a new one if necessary. Remember that you need to use the email address that was used when purchased or the one you requested to change it to. That is another reason that I use one main email address for all purchases on the net and keep them in a special folder for fast access.



Actually, you can order a CD for $14.95, if you have done this and not received the CD turn to support, forum members can not help. But bigmacnc is right, ordering this backup CD is just a waste of money.