Back up copy for DATA disk...NO GO!

Hey! Mabye you guys can help me. I have a speedreeding cd called EYEQ. I’m trying to back it up, but every attempt has failed. when I put the burned cd in the drive it installs the software but at the end it asks for the original cd…I have used Astroburn, Isobuster, and Daemon Tools pro… what are the step by step things I need to do to get this working on either of these programs. I have searched the threads for hours looking for an awnser all the way back to 5 years ago. Tryed everything. But I cannot get it to work.

The solution offered about halfway down this post seemed to work for at least two people:

Note the comment about uninstalling then reinstalling from the mounted image.

Yes. It did. And I slowed everything down, and tryed it repeatedly. But it did not work.

what this???