Back up Battlefield 1942



I have battlefield 1942 and I am trying to back this up. At this point ill try anything you guys can give me, I have tryed to CD COPY it with nero and it didnt work. I tryed making a Image file with blindwrite and just playing the image with dameon tools.

P.S. I thank you so much!


See here. However, note that your ability to make a back-up successfully will depend upon the capabilities of your hardware.


Lol you always tell me this. I dont have the right drives i was told so what i do is use blindwrite a program that is listed there. And put an image to my hard drive. Then I use dameon tools and play the Image file right off there with a “virtual drive”.


True but I gather that your mounted blindwrite image isn’t working. :wink:

Query, did you install the game from your original cd or from the mounted image?

If from the original cd, I suggest that you uninstall the game and then re-install from the mounted image as many safedisc protected games will run only from their installation drive. [Note: you can also edit your registry and achieve the same effect but I don’t recommend registry editing unless you know exactly what you’re doing and are comfortable with the risks involved.]

If the game still won’t run from the mounted image, I suggest that you try a different program to make the disc image for mounting (e.g. alcohol) and try with that.


Thanks I got it i appriciate all your help

“I GOT IT KNOW ONE HAS TO POST AGAIN” :slight_smile: I thank everyone that has helped me/ This fourm rules alot of help here.