Back up 360 games using original game DVD


Im trying to back up my Xbox 360 games by using the original 360 Game
now iv used like every programe i can think of but it doesnt work.

as soon as i try to write the original 360 game it will like take 2 seconds then it tells me to put in the blank DVD whats going on i need help please.

I have An LG multiburner


um yea im not downloading the games i want to make a back up with the original

You cannot copy an Xbox game using standard hardware and software.

You need a specific Samsung drive and KREON firmware. Google or search on here and you will find info.

well the easiest way is to use a ‘Kreon’ drive (goes into the PC) but you can also use your XBox360’s DVD-ROM drive itself (if you got a Samsung/BenQ/Liteon using newest firmwre (i.e. iXtreme v1.6)) to rip original game disc data to the PC.

both ways generally require XBC (XBox Backup Creator) to work well, which you can download here… Xbox Backup Creator v2.9.0.306 -